Betting Account Service Directory
With a Betting Account, not only can you enjoy the convenience of our various betting services, but also the flexibility of funds transfer. Betting Account holders can use electronic funds transfer, autopay and many other transfer methods to arrange both funds deposit and collect dividends.
Quick Reference to Activate the Betting Account. The following is an initial introduction of The Hong Kong Jockey Club's betting products and services. We will guide you through all essential information step by step to help you get started.
1. Funds Transfer
Betting Account holders can make fund transfers (both deposit and withdrawal) via various channels.
2. Select Your Betting Channels
With our comprehensive suite of betting services, you can place bets anytime and anywhere at your own pace. View and pick the channels that suit you most.
  Mainland/ Overseas Betting High Mobility Payment Methods
Betting Account Electronic Shroff Card, Cash Voucher, Cash
Online Betting Service (eWin)  
Telephone Betting  
1886 Telebet Automated Services  
Mobile Betting Service #  
Racing touch #  
MangoDeluxe /
Off-course Betting Branches      

# You may need to pay roaming data transmission fees charged by your mobile service provider. For details, please contact your mobile service provider.

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3. Select Betting Products and Portfolios
The Hong Kong Jockey Club offers a range of betting products, please click the following links to learn more about bet types, betting pools and gaming methods:
Horse Racing Betting Guide
Football Betting Guide
Mark Six Lucky Guide
4. Placing Bets and Collecting Dividends
You can place bets on Horse Racing or Football, buy Mark Six Lottery and collect dividends by cash, cash voucher, Electronic Shroff Card or via a Betting Account. All the investments and dividends are calculated in Hong Kong Dollars, please refer to Investments and Dividends for details.

5. Account Management
Betting Account holders can change personal information and security code. If you forget password, please follow the instruction to get a new password.
Conditions of use
All transactions made through Betting Accounts are governed by the rules of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, HKJC Horse Race Betting Limited, HKJC Lotteries Limited and HKJC Football Betting Limited, as amended from time to time.
Now we have gone through the basics, so let's get started! We wish you the best of luck!
Take good care of your Betting Account
The club advises Betting Account holders to handle personal account information with care. Do not allow underage persons to get access to account information, or allow or assist them to place bets.