The Supremacy in Betting Service
The Online Betting Service (eWin) provides abundant betting information and complete account management services. Planning betting strategies and managing account have never been easier.

Complete information helps you make perfect betting decisions
Comprehensive betting information, from real-time odds to historical and statistical data for each race, at your finger tips to help you analyze in greater detail and achieve perfect planning.

Integrated betting account management offers greater flexibility
By providing betting transaction records, payout details, instant funds transfer between bank account and betting account, the one-stop account management service gives you greater flexibility when making betting decisions.

Comprehensive functions offer greater advantages
Various betting functions, such as the Horse Racing Rebate Calculator, Football All-Up Calculator and Mark Six drawn number checking, allow you to get the upper edge.

Stay a step ahead - grasp golden opportunities
The fast transmission allows you to stay a step ahead so you can make your smartest betting decisions.

Customizing Login Information

Web User Account using "Dual Authentication Method", "Online Password" and "Login Answer(s)" are customized by user for login. More convenience and secure.