06/05/2021 (Thu)

Fixed Odds Bet Type V Jockey Challenge

"Jockey Challenge" allows you to pick your favourite jockey and target odds. Dividend is calculated based on the fixed odds at the time the bet is accepted and will not be affected by any subsequent odds change.

Jockeys participating in the nominated races in a race meeting will be numbered 1 to 14. Nos.1 to 13 will be assigned to one named jockey each, while No.14 will include the rest of the jockeys for the race meeting. Select correctly the jockey with the most Jockey Challenge Points at a race meeting and your winnings will be paid at the price taken. "Jockey Challenge Points" means the points assigned to the jockeys actually riding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horses, respectively, on the Jockey Challenge Scheduled Rides.*

* Means the rides that a jockey is engaged to ride in the nominated races at a race meeting at the start selling of Jockey Challenge. The Jockey Challenge Scheduled Rides List will be released at the start selling time of Jockey Challenge, please refer to the Scheduled Rides List for details.


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