Multiple Consecutive Draws
Multiple Draw Entry

Mark Six Multiple Draw Entry tickets, allowing customers to enter the same set of numbers for consecutive draws, are available at various betting channels. Multiple Draw Entry tickets are available in "5-draw", "10-draw", "20-draw" and "30-draw" units at Off-Course Betting Branches, Racecourses and for purchase through Electronic Shroff Card (ESC), while choices of between 5 and 30 consecutive draws will be available through respective Interactive Services and 1886 Telebet Automated Services.
Standing Instruction
You may place your favourite numbers in every draw by using the Standing Instruction Service*. By performing your request through Interactive Voice Response System at 1818, the entry will be submitted automatically within the designated period. The investment of each draw will be deducted from your Betting Account the night before the draw day.

* A Betting Account is required for using the Standing Instruction Service.

If you are a Betting Account holder, you can simply apply through our Customer Care Hotline at 1818 and place your Mark Six Standing Instruction via Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).

Points to note:
Standing instruction will be processed the night before each draw. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your Betting account to cover the total cost of the standing instruction; otherwise, that will be suspended by the Club. The standing instruction being suspended for five consecutive draws will be cancelled by the Club automatically without further notice.